Quadrant Celebrates 2 Years

IRVINE, CA-April 2, 2017-Quadrant Law Group celebrates its second anniversary after tripling in size, doubling the number of clients it serves and negotiating client contracts worth over $100 million in contract value, all while improving their technology foundation, streamlining client’s processes and reducing costs.

“By focusing on the needs of our clients, we have been able to present them not only with consistent and fast legal services from top attorneys, but insights into their own processes that help add efficiency and reduce costs,” commented Robert Ming, Managing Partner.  “Our clients expect transparency and quality, and that’s what we give them.”

“Providing exceptional quality work, reducing cost and improving turnaround time all at the same time is no easy task,” commented Managing Partner Oksanna Malan.  “That is what we do for our clients, and we prove it through metrics they can see and understand.”

“We know our clients need more than just a software program or an outsourced lawyer, they need an integrated system of people, processes and technology that work in harmony together,” said Jim Hill, Director of Operations.  “To make that a reality, we have tightened our integration with client systems, improved the efficiency of our attorneys and helped improve client processes and workflows.”

Quadrant Law Group LLP is a law firm that specializes in technology and vendor contract review for companies large and small, especially in the financial services industry.  With resources in seven US states and Canada, Quadrant helps companies efficiently handle contract negotiations in a cost effective manner that frees up key in-house resources to focus on more strategic issues.