director of connectivity and technology

Chris Ploessel

Chris Ploessel comes to Quadrant with extensive technical and business expertise after spending  decades leading various firms’ IT departments.

Chris was introduced to Quadrant through his consulting firm, RedNight Consulting. As President of RedNight, Chris led countless firms through major technology infrastructure conversion, managed crises, and developed strategies for revenue generation and cost reduction. Prior to forming RedNight, Chris served as Director of Sales Engineering for Zumasys where he provided industry insight and technology expertise to develop sales strategies and processes.

Chris also worked for Millenia Mortgage as Chief Information Officer where he led its IT team and served as a member of strategic management. Chris received his Master of Business Administration from Chapman University and his Bachelor of Science from University of  Phoenix. Chris has been an important part of our team thriving day to day in the virtual environment, enhancing our online security and the security of our client information, and implementing key technologies.