Contract Management as a Service

Implementing a document management/workflow management system is no small undertaking.  The software acquisition costs, implementation and integration costs, customization and workflow process design can easily generate a multi-million dollar price tag.  At Quadrant, we are happy to work with whatever document management systems our clients implement, but we also offer our own solution:  Contract Management as a Service.

The QLG basic Managed Service includes:

  • Access to QLG’s standard Client Portal that allows for
    • input and upload of contracts for review,
    • viewing status of open contracts under negotiation,
    • implementation of a playbook containing negotiating standards in place for your organization, and
    • metrics to measure the work and contracts in the system
  • 10 hours from experienced attorneys who will help design and build your workflow process, implement your legal negotiation playbook or if you don’t have one, help you create one
  • 10 hours of playbook development, form optimization or overflow legal work for contract negotiation and review
  • 8 hours per month of an Operations Specialist who will monitor system status, ensure proper flow of your agreements through the system, monitor processes implementation and act as your personal customer service representative
  • Experienced attorneys with 10-20 years of contract negotiation experience available to assist on an hourly basis with your contract review needs at the click of a button

All of the above is available for a Managed Service Fee starting around $50,000 per year.

If your needs require the ability to stand up a system quickly without a large budget, manage, archive and access your contracts safely stored in the cloud, Quadrant’s managed service offering for contract management may be the answer you are looking for.

For more information, please contact us:

Robert Ming
Managing Partner
Oksanna Malan
Managing Partner
Jim Hill
Director of Operations