Contract Review

More is negotiable in most agreements than the typical purchaser realizes and an experienced contract lawyer knows what to ask to get you the most for your money. We have experience negotiating with some of the biggest vendors companies deal with and know how to bring value. Whether the arrangement is a world changing acquisition or a significant development deal, engaging experienced contract counsel will pay for itself many times over.

Key Principles

Our process focuses on several key principles:

  • Experienced Attorneys – We will not staff your project with junior associates in order to keep our fees low. All our attorneys have at least 10 years of experience, often 20 years, and most have both in-house and “big law” experience.  They are highly skilled legal advisors who have strong judgment and good instincts.  They can contribute both legal negotiation and business perspective to client negotiations, know which issues to prioritize, and how to extract the best market terms for our clients.
  • Team Approach – Your work will not be thrown into a pool of lawyers you don’t know. Team members are trained in your culture and approach, and become familiar faces. Work can be routed directly to specific team members, or to “First Available” which will prioritize assignments among known team members based on workload.
  • Standards Based – We do not ask you to “trust us because we are good lawyers” and keep all the learning and expertise to ourselves. We document the positions you require, often with preferred and fallback negotiating positions, and create customized standards and solutions for our clients. These standards are constantly evolving as we explore new ways to improve your agreements, and are available to you through an online portal.  Changes are published to team members and discussed at regular team meetings, and shared with our clients on an ongoing basis.  We measure our performance against these standards and follow a rigorous quality assurance process on every contract reviewed.
  • Process Driven – We focus on efficiency and use cutting edge technology, so things do not fall through the cracks. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence tools, a standardized intake process, a robust document management system and constant process monitoring, we ensure that each contract receives the appropriate review and approvals, and moves through negotiation to execution as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Transparency – Do you wonder where contracts are in the process? You will not have that problem with Quadrant.  You can always call a team member, but you will also receive access to a portal that tracks all workflows in progress and provides real-time reports on status. We focus on the same metrics you care about, so we will drive toward the successful outcomes you are looking for.
  • Pricing flexibility – We continue to offer our clients hourly billing model, but we are also comfortable working on an annual fixed-fee basis.  This simple and predictable monthly cost is designed to meet your entire need within a specified set of business users, agreement types, or other defined workflow. Click here for more information about our annual fixed-fee model.
  • Turnkey, customizable solution – You do not need to invest heavily in technology or implementation. Additional services are available as required, including custom field development, specialized reports, portal customization, and additional direct user submission licenses.

For more information about our contract review practice, contact one of our team leaders:

Robert Ming
Managing Partner
Oksanna Malan
Managing Partner
Jessica Eterno
Tim Hickey
Renate Harrison
Thomas Hornbaker