We continue to offer our clients hourly billing model, but we are also comfortable working on an annual fixed-fee basis. This simple and predictable monthly cost is designed to meet your entire need within a specified set of business users, agreement types, or other defined workflow.

To price an annual fixed-fee arrangement that delivers on the key principles described above, we need to know:

  1. What types of contracts do you need reviewed?
  2. What is the expected turn-around time after the initial request when you expect QLG attorneys to prepare the first draft or review and redline of a contract?
  3. How much variation in the flow of contracts do you anticipate?

If the answers to these questions are not immediately available, we can begin an engagement using a consultation the traditional hourly model with volume discounts while we collect information on the nature of the workflow. By using the same process and systems, we will capture the required data to answer the questions and move to an annual fixed fee as soon as sufficient data is ascertained. becomes available.